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Nigerian Wedding Planning in the UK: A Complete Guide

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Introduction to Nigerian Weddings in the UK

Nigerian weddings in the UK are a splendid blend of rich traditions and vibrant celebrations. As a stakeholder in the events, catering and hospitality sector in the UK, we have over the years gathered enough knowledge to share with regards to what you should know about planning an event like your wedding in the UK.

A wedding party does not only signify the union of two individuals but also celebrates the deep-rooted culture and heritage brought from Nigeria, whether the intending couples met abroad or the other way round.

As Nigerian communities continue to flourish across the UK, the demand for authentic Nigerian wedding experiences has risen, combining traditional elements with modern flair to create unforgettable events.

We will begin this guide with what we consider the essentials, hoping that it will help guide your plans for your BIG day. below are the things we think you should start searching for the moment it has become official that you have a wedding to plan:

1. Choosing the Ideal Venue

The venue sets the stage for your grand celebration. It’s essential to choose a location that not only accommodates your guest list comfortably but also resonates with the vibrant aesthetics typical of a Nigerian wedding. Look for venues that offer excellent accessibility, especially if your guests are travelling from various parts of the UK. Facilities like adequate parking, robust sound systems, and beautiful decor are crucial. Venues with an ethnic or cultural connection, such as cultural centres or banqueting halls known for hosting African events, are often ideal choices.

2. Decor and Theme Planning

Nigerian weddings are known for their expressive use of colour and traditional decor elements. I mean what’s a Nigerian wedding without the vibrant colours from both the groom’s and bride’s families and friends?

  • Colours: Opt for bold and vibrant colours like purple, gold, and green that represent royalty, wealth, and life.
  • Traditional Elements: Incorporate elements such as hand-woven fabrics, traditional beads, and artefacts to reflect Nigerian heritage.
  • Floral Arrangements: Select flowers that enhance the theme and add a fresh vibrancy to the venue.

3. Music and Entertainment Choices

Music and entertainment are the soul of any Nigerian celebration. The typical Owambe party in Nigeria thrives on the quality of music or live band. This is essential to authentically capture the essence of Nigerian culture:

  • Traditional Bands: Hire bands that specialise in highlife, Afrobeats, or Nigerian folk music to bring an authentic flavour to your celebration.
  • DJs: Ensure your DJ has a mix of Nigerian hits and popular British tracks to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Traditional Attire and Accessories

The type of material that will be used on the day such as the Isiagu or agbada with a matching gele or fila has to be decided in good time and sample shared with as many that need to have it. Attires are a significant aspect of Nigerian weddings, with specific outfits often required:

  • Aso-Ebi: Encourage guests to wear coordinated fabrics to symbolise unity and connection.
  • Bridal Attire: Opt for traditional attire that varies across Nigerian cultures, adorned with colourful beads and patterns.
  • Gele: Incorporate the iconic head wrap, a staple in women’s attire at Nigerian functions.

Nigerian Event Catering Focus

At the heart of every Nigerian wedding is the food, and Tasty African Food is your go-to caterer for authentic Nigerian cuisine in the UK. Known for their expertise in dishes like Jollof Rice, Puff Puff, Abula, Efo riro and Ayamase, our culinary offerings are a key highlight of any event. Whether you prefer a lavish buffet or elegant platter service, Tasty African Food ensures each dish is as visually appealing as it is delicious, providing a true taste of Nigeria right here in the UK.

Drinks and Refreshments

No Nigerian wedding is complete without a selection of traditional and modern drinks:

  • Traditional Drinks: Offer local favourites like Palm Wine and Zobo, which add a traditional touch.
  • Cocktails: Create a menu of Nigerian-inspired cocktails alongside classic British drinks to cater to all tastes.

Photography and Videography

Choosing the right photographer and videographer who understands the unique dynamics of Nigerian weddings is crucial. They should be adept at capturing the vibrant colours, dramatic moments, and intricate details that define these celebrations.

Effective Guest Management and Seating

Managing your guests effectively ensures a smooth event:

  • Invitations: Design invitations that reflect the wedding theme and include all necessary details.
  • Seating Arrangements: Plan to seat carefully, keeping in mind traditional norms and family structures.

Budgeting and Cost Management

Keep a clear record of all expenses and ensure all vendors are aligned with your budget. Negotiating effectively with suppliers like caterers and venue owners can help manage costs without compromising on the quality of your event.


A Nigerian wedding in the UK is a grand affair that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary elegance. By focusing on authentic elements like cuisine from Tasty African Food, you can ensure your wedding is not only memorable but also deeply rooted in cultural authenticity. For those planning their big day, embracing the vibrant world of Nigerian weddings with the help of seasoned caterers and planners is key to creating an event that’s talked about for years to come. Make your wedding the epitome of Nigerian hospitality and culture with every dish served from Tasty African Food, where flavour meets tradition.

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