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About us

We are the delight of Africa

From humble beginnings, Tasty African Food has grown to become the largest West African food chain in the UK. Spanning over two decades of service, our reputation for providing traditional quality food is synonymous among the African community. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic African ready meals, eat-in, or catering services for a variety of events. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate function, funeral, or other social gatherings like music festivals and school fundraisers, our culinary expertise ensures a taste of Africa is always nearby.

For those seeking genuine African food near me, our offerings bring the rich flavours and traditions of the continent right to your event.

As a household name, our outlets offer a safe environment for dine-in or takeaway customers. With over 20 units, we offer convenient African cuisine that is simply tasty!

Mission Statement

To be the pioneer of high-quality, affordable, and authentic African cuisine, promoting the true culture of Africa.

Core Values

The Core Values of Tasty African Food are vital elements that have made the thriving company what it is today, and what it will become in the future. Our Core Values at Tasty African Food are; Family – Quality – Diversity – Growth


Tasty African Food’s personality is reflected in our tone of voice, as well as our customer-facing interactions.


Opened in 2012


Opened in 2013


Opened April 10, 2015

Sold at One Africa Fest at Wembley

Sat 2nd June, 2018

Sold at One Africa Fest at Wembley

Sat 24th Aug, 2019


Opened 11th Dec 2020


April 2021


June 2021

Finchley Road

1st Nov, 2021

Woolwich 1

Founded in 2000


Opened in 2013


Opened in 2015


1 Sept, 2017

Sold at Tiwa Savage at Indigo O2

24th Aug, 2018

Moved into our New HQ

July 4th, 2020


Opened 17th Dec 2020

Herbert Road

May 2021

Nathan Way

2nd Aug, 2021


1st Nov, 2021