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Tasty African Food Christmas Food Hamper

Make it a Tasty Christmas! 

Santa favourite present from Tasty African Food has your name on it.

Treat yourself or a loved-one to a festive hamper this Christmas.

Taste the Festivities with the Tasty African food family this December.

The most sought-after present to celebrate this Christmas holiday is our Hamper gift. 

This year visit your nearest Tasty African Food and share your love by sending a hamper to loved ones near and far this season.

Delight your taste buds with delicious nibbles, bubbles, and surprises.

Which includes Jollof Rice, a prominent warm, spiced sweetness from West Africa.

Our Fried Rice made with curry powder, thyme, seasoning cubes, and of course abundance of vegetables like carrots, green beans, peas, sweet corn, and onions has so much flavour to make your mouth water.

You will love the added savoury, fluffy, and soft Moin Moin to-go with your rice meal options.

What of Assorted Meat, you ask? Yes.

Let us not forget the Ayamasea blended mixture of green peppers and chilies fried in palm oil, and a mix of Forks & Fingers herbs and spices.

Anybody picking up their order from the Head Office upon collection is entitled to a free family portion of Puff Puff!

The cost of the Hamper is £120. All orders must be placed before 4 pm on December 21st, 2022 so please ensure you place your orders on time!

The ‘Taste the Festivities’ hamper is collection only.

24th of December 2022, please select a time slot and a store that is best convenient to you. 

T&C do apply*

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