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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a job, simply by going to our Careers Page to see the area you wish to apply to. Select a job based on the ones available.

We offer Classic and Millennial style franchise models. To find out more please click on our Franchising page.

You will need to have a minimum of 60k at the start of the franchise process.

Yes we do, please refer to our Catering Page for more info.

If you click on the Catering Page, you can fill in a form and a member of our Catering Team will be in contact within 48hrs. Alternatively, you can email ‘info@tastyafricanfood.com’.

You can simply go onto our Catering Page and click “Bulk Orders” where you will be directed to our Catering Page to place your order online.

Please click on the Ready Meals page and check out our map to find your local retailer for our Ready Meals.

On our Food Menu, you can see the allergens contained within each of our food items. We also have our Food Allergen chart available when you click on the Allergens page.

Should you wish to reserve some food items at the branch, please find your local branch on our locations page, give them a call to reserve an X amount of food.

If you are looking for deals for our locations, please click on the location under My Locations to see if they currently have any deals in place.

Do you have any questions that’s not answered?