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This Easter, we present to you three new Puff Puff topping flavours that are dangerously delicious and addictive. Puff Puff is a scrumptious deep fried African donut that is craved by most and is the centre of attention during the holidays. The new flavours will be a sweet twist to our classic Puff Puff this Easter! Taking it to the next level, the crispy exterior of Puff Puff will be drizzled with a sweet sauce and topped with a crumble of your choice.

What toppings are available?

Like donuts, but better  •  3 toppings

The new Puff Puff toppings will retail in selected stores for £1.50 from 11th of April 2022 till 18th of April 2022. In each pack, you will receive four delicious Puff Puff topped in a sauce and crumble that is inspired by Easter. 

Some flavours you can expect to see in-store:

White Chocolate Sauce with Biscoff Crumbles
Raspberry Sauce with White Chocolate Flakes
White Chocolate Sauce with Strawberry Crumbles

What stores will the toppings be sold at ?

Celebrate Easter week with our new Puff Puff toppings. For one week only customers can order the tasty small chops at the following locations:

If you are hosting an Easter party and are looking for a nice dessert centre piece or you want a sweet snack on the go, this is the perfect treat. We are always releasing new topping flavours! To find out the latest Puff Puff toppings sold in this store, please ask at the till in your local store.

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