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Catford is finally here!

The journey starts here!!! Our look has changed, but our great-tasting West African
dishes remain the same!!

We recently launched our new branding at our Tasty Catford
branch. Being the first branch of 2021 to open, our goal was to shake up our
look to appeal to a wider audience. We realised that Catford, is quite a
diverse area so we wanted to give the Catford residences something special with
our unique design. The new branding is irresistibly bold and colourful. We have
added a selfie wall feature in our store for customers to create picture-perfect
moments – every time.

We believe many would benefit from a branch in Catford as a vast
number of our customers already live in the area but must travel to the likes
of Tasty Woolwich and Tasty Peckham just to enjoy African cuisine.
Situated in the heart of Catford High Street, our new branch is available for both
takeaway and eat-in customers, it offers great tasting food accompanied by cool
beverages. Catford locals can now enjoy our iconic Puff Puff or our signature Pies in
a safe and comfortable environment. Be on the lookout as we soon plan to offer
Tasty juices very soon!

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